What we watch matters.

Studies (and our own experience) show us that television has a massive effect on us — physically, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally. How much media we consume and what media we consume configures us into who we are.

As Adam Holz suggests, “What people consume, media-wise, often has a strong correlation with the choices they make in the real world.”

We are what we watch.

As I evaluate my own entertainment habits, I want to share 10 reflective questions about our visual entertainment habits, the movies and television programs that we watch.

These are some questions I’ve asked myself and had to think through. This list is not legalistic, but merely personal reflections.

1.Would I be satisfied with watching this movie or program when Jesus returns? Why or why not? 

2. Do I actively engage myself in discernment when I’m watching TV or do I waste my watching? What does it look like to watch TV for the glory of God?

3. Do I spend more time watching TV or reading good books?

4. Have I picked up any negative habits from watching TV? They could be manifestations from a particular show or they could simply be effects of watching too much television.

5. Do I intentionally apply my worldview to what I watch, every time, or are there specific times I get lazy?

6. Do I hate the sin I see on TV? Or do I laugh at it or find it romantic? 

7. Do I watch critically to see both virtues and flaws?