Catch the Best iPhone X Deals Plus Your Favorite gadgets

People tend to either love iOS or hate it, and that sort of loyalty to a software ecosystem usually comes down to whether a person has had extensive ownership of an iPhone — which still remains the most popular smartphone in the U.S. Neither the iPad nor the MacBook nor even the iconic Apple Watch have done as much as the iPhone to cement the company’s brand in the minds of the public and, at this point, you’re either in or you’re out, Apple-wise. Yet whether or not you’re an Apple fan, the popularity of the iPhone is undeniable. This is owed to Apple’s excellent hardware build quality, as well as the devices’ sleek modern aesthetics, its minimalist style, and highly functional software — not to mention the iPhone’s enduring status as a fashion symbol.

After a decade, the venerable iPhone still enjoys a royal status in the world of smart tech, the recent releases of great new Android devices like the Google Pixel 4 notwithstanding. If you just have to have iOS (and aren’t the type to wait in line to pay in-store prices on launch day) and you missed the big Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, then you’re not out of luck.

The iPhone X has long been discontinued by Apple, but you can still buy it from some networks, third-party retailers and Apple’s Refurbished Store. Use our always-up-to-date guide to find out how much the iPhone X costs, where to buy one and where you can get the best deals right now – and if you should buy an iPhone X this Christmas

Apple’s iPhone X was discontinued by Apple back in September 2018. If you shop around, you might be able to get the iPhone X at a cheaper price than it was originally sold for.

However, our advice would be that you will probably find a much better deal on a newer iPhone. In fact, with the iPhone 11 costing £729 you’d have to be crazy to spend more than that on an iPhone X! 

However, if it’s an iPhone X you want, it’s an iPhone X you will get! In this article, we will round up the best iPhone X deals available now, but be quick because they won’t be around forever.

We would recommend checking out our best iPhone XR deals if you want to consider the iPhone X’s successor still sold by Apple for £629. Plus we have deals for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, which were introduced in September 2019 and start at £729.

iPhone X price

Despite being discontinued by Apple more than two years ago, the iPhone X is not cheap. It previously started at £999 or $999, and that was for the 64GB model. For the 256GB model, you were looking at a whopping £1,149/$1,149. Wowzers.

Now that it’s been replaced, you would think you would be able to pick it up a bit cheaper, but retailers don’t seem to be reducing the price much or at all.

Over Black Friday the iPhone X was reduced to £619 from Amazon and you’d be forgiven for thinking that would be the best deal you’d get. Apparently not! Right now the iPhone X is £599 on Amazon here. We expect it will soon go back up to the usual price of £749.

We’d suggest that if you can’t find the iPhone X for less than £629/$599 – the price Apple is now selling the iPhone XR for – then you really shouldn’t buy one.

Top iPhone X contract deals

You might find an iPhone X available from a network via a good contract deal – although again, we recommend that you look at the XR or 11 instead of paying more than £1,000 for an aging handset.

We’ve got a rundown of some of the best iPhone X deals available below, plus you can check our tool below that will automatically update with the best contact details.

  • iPhone X, 64GB, EE, 100GB data, unlimited texts and minutes, £0 upfront cost, £43 per month for 24 months. Total cost after cashback: £1,032. Available via AffordableMobiles.
  • iPhone X, 256GB, EE, 75GB data, unlimited texts and minutes, £0 upfront cost, £48 per month for 24 months. Total cost: £1,152. Available via Metrofone.

You may still find the iPhone X on offer from network carriers like EEO2Three or Vodafone – or to resellers like Carphone or Mobile Phones Direct, that aggregate deals from across all networks.

iPhone X SIM-free deals

As we said above, the few retailers that are still selling the iPhone X haven’t reduced the price of the iPhone X by much. However, right now Amazon has reduced the price of the iPhone X to £599 here. We expect it will soon go back up to the usual price of £749.

Perhaps the reason prices don’t tend to be reduced much is due to its scarcity. If you can’t find it for less than £629/$599 we would really advise you to get a newer iPhone XR (still sold by Apple but now for just £629/$599) or even the September 2019 iPhone 11 (£729/$699) instead.

It seems the attraction of the iPhone X is that it has a better screen than those two phones, but you can get a newer iPhone for less than the iPhone X. We really recommend that you by a newer iPhone instead.

However, if you really want an iPhone X, you can compare prices across retailers using our live pricing tool below (but note that the iPhone X deals are so poor, and so few and far between now, that the tool will automatically bring in iPhone XR deals and even XS deals as they are better than the iPhone X deals!)

If you simply have to have the iPhone X, check the few retailers below to see if they still have stock of the iPhone X.

Refurbished iPhone X (SIM-free)

Here’s another option if it simply has to be the iPhone X.

Buying refurbished can save you hundreds of pounds. The first place to check is Apple’s Refurbished Store, which has a 64GB iPhone X available for £699 (which is still more than the newer iPhone XR, so not a great deal). Go to the Apple Refurbished Store now.

Another reseller to check for refurbished iPhone X deals is Envirofone which specializes in refurbished phones, tablets, and other devices. It previously had the iPhone X for as low as £394.99. View deal here.

Keep in mind when you buy refurbished that the quality of the product may sometimes show a bit of wear and tear – unless you buy certified refurbished. When a device is marked certified refurbished, it goes through rigorous testing and repairs to ensure the product works well as new by Apple’s standards.

You can also find Amazon Renewed iPhone X devices. While these are not certified refurbished by Apple, they are thoroughly checked by Amazon technicians and come with a 1-year supplier’s warranty. A ‘renewed’ iPhone X (64GB) is available for £449.98.