This vintage 1950s style may be harder to find, but the reward is a fun, flirty, and feminine wedding gown. Here are some suggestions on where to look.

The tea-length wedding gown is a classic 1950s silhouette that is flattering on many body types. With its fitted bodice and full skirt ending at mid-calf, the tea-length dress is a perfect choice for a bride planning a vintage wedding. This dress length is also well-suited to destination weddings, informal weddings, and brides who want to show off their fabulous wedding shoes!

Korean Hanbok


If you want to look different on the special occasion of your wedding then you can wear something different like the Korean hanbok. Hanbok available at Korean Hanbok Store is traditional Korean clothing, beautiful and special for special occasions like weddings. There are traditional hanbok and modern hanbok which can be worn as casual clothing or on special occasions.

Bridal Shops

Most of the dresses found in bridal shops are full-length wedding gowns. However, many designers are now featuring at least one tea length wedding dress, sometimes known as “informal” or “destination” wedding dresses. Some full-length dresses can also be ordered in tea-length or altered to a shorter length.

There are also some designers who specialize in tea-length gowns, such as Stephanie James, Dolly Couture, and British designer Candy Anthony.

Vintage Dresses

Vintage wedding dresses can be found through online auction sites such as eBay, or at high-end vintage clothing stores. White prom dresses and cocktail dresses may also double as a tea length wedding dress. Many vintage dresses are only available in smaller sizes, and it’s important to inspect the condition of the dress before purchasing. True vintage dresses may require special cleaning and repairs before they are able to be worn.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Although bridal shops don’t advertise it, most bridesmaid dresses are available to order in white. There are many tea-length styles to choose from, and even the most expensive bridesmaid dress is certain to be much cheaper than a traditional wedding gown.

Making a Dress

Making a wedding dress is an option for the most fearless of brides, and it may be wise to consider having a friend or family member help with this project. Vintage patterns are readily available for sale online, and pattern companies have been re-releasing authentic vintage patterns for tea-length dresses. The bride taking this route should be sure of her measurements, and make a mock-up in cheap fabric before starting on the real thing.

Have a Dress Made

Brides who are still unable to find their dream dress are turning to professional designers to have a custom dress made. Prices will vary, depending on the complexity of the design and the type of fabrics requested. However, because the dress is shorter and requires less fabric than a full-length wedding gown, this may still be an affordable option for many brides.

Whether a bride is planning a vintage wedding, an afternoon garden party wedding, or a wedding on the beach, the tea length wedding dress is an option that is both classic and fun. If she is prepared to be creative and open-minded in her search, the tea-length bride can find the dress of her dreams.