Whether you’re a budget gamer with a modest setup or an over the top one with RGB lighting on every part of your setup, there are some gadgets that every gamer should have for an amazing gaming experience.

Most of the gadgets mentioned here are for PC gamers since console and mobile players have extremely diverse needs depending on what device they are using, but some of these do meet these players’ needs as well. 

1. Router (a good one)

While it is important to have a good internet connection, to begin with, having the latest router that can make good use of that connection is equally important. Most ISPs provide mediocre budget routers that perform poorly. Having a good router can reduce lag, improve latency, and increase Wi-Fi coverage in your house. Complement it with a high-speed internet connection such as AT&T internet service that uses fiber optic cables to provide you un-parallel speed support all your smart home devices at once. It is perfect for medium to heavy gaming sessions.

2. Gaming mouse

This is perhaps one of the most desired items. While theoretically, you could use any mouse to play games, mice that are particularly made for gaming have multiple added features, such as adjustable sensitivity and macro keys that can give you an edge while playing games. Razer, Logitech, Corsair, and Steel Series are some of the big names when it comes to gaming.

3. Headphones

Good audio is an important part of your gaming experience. While regular speakers can work too, if you want a truly immersive experience then a good headset is the right choice. Good headphones can provide you with audio that gives a strong sense of direction, which is especially useful for competitive FPS games such as Over watch and CS: GO.

4. Mechanical Keyboard

This is an item that only PC players will appreciate and desire. A mechanical keyboard is an extremely useful upgrade to your gaming experience. Mechanical keyboards, even not so great ones, are always better than the usual keyboards. Mechanical keyboards are also extremely customizable, which means you can easily find a setup that suits your specific needs. Whether you like blue or brown switches, linear or tactile keys, there is something for every type of player.

5.Gaming Chair

The importance of a good chair cannot be overlooked, especially for long gaming sessions. There are chairs specifically designed for gamers to help keep their posture correct and prevent their back from hurting after long hours of gaming. While these are often expensive items, they are worth it and really help in preventing back problems because of long gaming sessions.

6. Virtual Reality

VR was not quite common a while ago. However, with advancements in VR technology over the past few months such as the launch of the Valve index, a virtual reality headset, VR appears to be becoming quite common. Half-life Alyx is an excellent VR game and a testament to the huge potential of the technology. If you can spare extra cash and are looking to pick up something unique and exciting, a VR setup is just the thing for you.

7. Controllers

We are not talking about run of the mill Xbox or DS4 controllers here, we’re talking about controllers that are made for those who want to take their performance to the next level. The main complaint with controllers is that they do not provide the level of fine control and customizability that keyboard and mouse setups provide. However, some companies such as Scuff have narrowed the gap between the two by creating controllers with programmable buttons, adjustable analog sticks, and macro buttons. If you are a gamer who prefers using a controller but hate losing to PC players on Warzone in Call of Duty, you should consider buying a premium controller.

8. External Hard drive

If you have a PC with large built-in storage, this might not be for you. However, most gamers have systems with around 1 TB of internal storage, and this can fill up fast. One option is to continuously keep downloading and deleting games, but if you have a slow internet connection or limited data caps then this can be a big problem. Therefore, an external drive is an excellent option. You can easily get external hard disks at affordable prices to save games that you rarely play or ones that you plan on playing later.

9. High-end monitor

Whether you’re a PC or a console gamer, a high-end monitor is an extremely valuable asset to have. To determine what kind of monitor is appropriate for you, you need to first determine what kinds of games you will be playing. If you’re mainly focused on competitive FPS titles, then you should go for a monitor with a high refresh rate and support for variable refresh rate. However, if you prefer titles that focus on visuals and story, then you should go for a high-resolution monitor with good HDR and localized dimming zones.

If you have the budget, you could go for a monitor that has both of these features. However, only the very high-end monitors manage to incorporate both of these qualities properly. It is far better to settle for a monitor that does one of these two things good rather than one that does both of them poorly.

10. RGB lighting

This has no effect on performance, but every setup looks better with RGB lighting. Even budget gamers can find cheap RGB lighting to add to their setup. This is one of the differentiating factors that can instantly identify you as a gamer, so it might be worth getting the RGB to set yourself apart.

Bringing it all together!

The list never stops because within these gadgets there are so many brands with different specs, variations, and uses. But these are the basics that are a must on every gamer’s list. It’s a dream of every gamer to have dedicated gaming room to themselves with all of these things. If you have a gamer best-friend or loved one in your life who is a gaming enthusiast, now you know what to get them for their next birthday.